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The Chamber’s sole purpose is to work on behalf of its members to support them in business by
  • providing opportunities to promote members business
  • organizing events to meet our business neighbours and make new contacts
  • offering free educational programs based on our member’s needs, like marketing, HR services, cash flow, inventory management, customer service and business growth
  • suppling our member with benefits and added value programs provided by the Canadian and Atlantic Chamber

    acting as a spokesperson for members in order to promote the members' interests to local, provincial and national political bodies and to the community at large

    providing a forum where members can have input into community affairs

Contact information:
Office is Open Monday –Wednesday 1:00-4:00 Thursday & Friday afternoons by appointment
5 Ratchford Street, Amherst
Phone: 902-667-8186

If you are not a member we'd be interested in speaking with you as to why not.

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