Frequently asked Questions

What is the Amherst & Area Chamber of Commerce?

The Chamber of Commerce is a volunteer organization made of business and professional people sharing a common goal — the economic development of Amherst & Area. Small and large businesses from virtually every sector and profession form the membership.

We also represent and promote the members of the organization. We  identify community problems and issues affecting business and work collaboratively with our partners to solve these problems, accomplishing collectively what no business can do alone.

What is the role of the Amherst & Area Chamber of Commerce?

1. To act as a spokesperson for members in order to promote the members’ interests to local, provincial and national political bodies and to the community at large.
2. To provide an opportunity for members to develop better business connections within the community.
3. To inform and educate business people and the community at large.
4. To provide value added services to members.
5. To provide a forum where members can have input into community affairs.

How can a Chamber of Commerce help my business?
The Amherst & Area Chamber of Commerce offers a wide variety of benefits to assist local businesses including cost saving discounts, networking opportunities, and opportunities for exposure.

 Who finances the Chamber?

The Chamber is financed through membership investment. It operates as a not-for-profit organization and incurs costs of operation and expenses similar to any other type of business. The Chamber also holds several fund raising events to offset the costs associated with running the Chamber.

 How do I join the Chamber?

Just fill out the on line application, call the Chamber at 902 667-8186, or drop into the Chamber office at the Community Credit Union Business Innovation Center, 5 Ratchford Street, Suite 210, Amherst.

Who can attend Chamber events?

Anyone who is employed by a member company is eligible to attend Chamber events at member discount prices. Our events are also open to the general public for a non-member rate.

What is the Chamber’s event cancellation policy?

The Amherst & Area Chamber of Commerce accepts a 48 hour notice only for event ticket cancellations. Please refer to the cancellation policy in your email ticket confirmation.

I need to update my account, who should I contact?

The best way to ensure changes get recorded, such as changes to representatives, contact or address information, please send them to 

I want to make changes to / join the Group Health Plan. How can I do this?

The Group Health plan is administered through Archway Insurance. Please contact Archway Insurance (Barnes – Amherst) and identify that you wish to speak to the Chamber of Commerce insurance representative for information or to make changes to your policy. Please note that Chamber member companies are eligible to join the Chamber of Commerce group health plan.

How can I volunteer with the Chamber?

Employees of any Chamber member company can volunteer on our committees. Please contact the Chamber office to inquire about volunteer engagement.

Do the Chamber’s Board members have offices at the Chamber?

No. Our Board of Directors is comprised of volunteers who hold full-time positions at local businesses or are retired.

Can I have/buy the Chamber’s mailing list database to send my own emails to the Chamber’s membership list?

No. The Chamber does not sell or give out its membership database. The member directory is searchable online.

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